USNEF What We Do!


We produce literature and printed collaterals about nuclear technology the nations need for the Yucca Mountain Repository, Renewable Energy, Advanced Reactors, Above Ground Storage, etc. Our mission is grassroots education to renew, reuse, and recycle our nuclear industry. We have held presentation meetings, organized small tour groups to the Idaho National Laboratory, addressed ANS communications workshops, the USNIC Advanced Reactor Technical Summit III, produced and conducted educational symposiums and manage a website with a considerable amount of nuclear information for public review. We have an impeccable group of people on our Advisory Board who carry significant industry experience willing to write character references about the mission and integrity of the US Nuclear Energy Foundation. Meet them at: .

It’s not about supporting a FOUNDATION; it’s about SUPPORTING what it does!

From time to time some people and organizations inquire about the people behind the US Nuclear Energy Foundation. I would like to refer you to our website Advisory Board Page at:

Also listed below, a couple of industry related contacts aware of our grassroots educational mission to rebuild the nuclear technology grassroots message.

Eric Knox, Vice President of Strategic Development, Nuclear & Environment, Management Services Group AECOM, ?/ 202 772-0670

David Blee, U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council, ?/ 202-332-8155

Katrina McMurrian, Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition, ?/ 337 656-8518