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FACTS: Over this past 30 + years, about 12 billion dollars went into the study for the completion of the Yucca Mountain Application Review Process to store the nation’s nuclear waste in Nevada. The most egregious opposition to OUR national nuclear repository has been Nevada politics. Over this timeline the DOE provide some 97 million dollars to Nevada for the purpose to “parallel study” the DOE data collection (science). Nevada bureaucracy filtered most of these funds to purchase questionable opposition science from offshore countries and contractors.
What the grassroots public should know about Yucca Mountain:

• A thirty + year study by 8 of Americas national scientific laboratories.
• Input and review recommendations from more than 100 US colleges and universities.
• A taxpayer investment into the research study of more than $12 Billion.
• The license application study was reviewed by more than 200 scientists and engineers at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with no disqualifying elements found. 
To put it bluntly, political opposition to such an encompassing scientific study carries no qualification. Nevada’s offshore research claiming some 200 “contentions” in the science study are expected to be overruled by the courts adjudication process by the Atomic Safety & Licensing Board
It is time for Nevada citizens and stakeholders across the country to read the facts of the science compared to the political obstruction. 9 of Nevada’s 17 Counties support completing the Yucca Application Review Process. The Nevada GOP State Convention, approved a platform statement on energy, including: “We support positioning Yucca Mountain as a world class, high-tech nuclear research, reprocessing and scientific facility predicated upon sound, safe and proven principles” and “Nevada should negotiate an agreement so that Nevadans enjoy the financial and economic benefits of hosting the nation’s nuclear assets”. (waste repository)
Grassroots education is our current mission. It is becoming increasingly important that the public be appraised about the advances of nuclear energy technology.

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