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Meeting at American Nuclear Society events since 1976
The Christian Nuclear Fellowship (CNF) is an informal, interdenominational group of evangelical Christians who work in the field of nuclear science
and technology and who want to encourage each other to faithfully follow Jesus Christ in both their private and public lives (including in their professional activities).
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The Christian Nuclear Fellowship (CNF)
40th Anniversary Report

June 2017 Meeting of the American Nuclear Society Report

“Celebrating God’s Faithfulness.” is located under the Papers/Handouts tab.


All meeting attendees (and spouses) are cordially invited to attend these special CNF events.
The CNF is an informal, interdenominational group of Christians who are members of the ANS. It has been meeting in conjunction with national ANS meetings since 1976. This year (2016) is the 40th anniversary of the founding of the group. The CNF Advisory Committee members are Alan Waltar, Nolan Hertel, Arnold Lumsdaine, Bonnie Rumble, Robert Addis, Robert Wilson, Carl Mazzola, Rob Hayes, Charles Rombough, Howard Shaffer, Andrea Pepper, Ben Cross, Hans Toffer. Herbert Massie and Vic Uotinen (director).

"The CNF thanks Gary Duarte and US Nuclear Energy for kindly hosting the launching of this website."

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